It's okay for him to be gay they say
As long as he doesn't flaunt it
As long as he doesn't hold hands
With any man
In prayer
Or kiss
Anything but the good book

God loves you as you are they say in verse
Then turn to each other
The whispers that aren't whispers
Circulate the pews
The chorus of their hymn
Lists a dozen other things wrong with him
Just before they share communion
Hungry for a crucifixion

On the night that he was betrayed
Jesus took bread and broke it
But this is my body and not your bread I say
My attractiveness offends them with the good news
I carry in my eyes, my lips, and toes
And I go from the altar to the door
Shake the dust of my heels
And sing a raucous number for the world

-	R.R. Tavárez