Will you be there?
At the river
As it rolls softly
Over my toes
That timidly tickle
The colored pebbles
In the shallows
Lapping among the reeds
And calling my name

Will you be there?
When the cold
Nibbles at my skin
Sending goosebumps
And the water
Begins to dance between my legs
Pulling me into its sway
When I finally dare to feel the spirit
At my knees
As I hold my skirt up
To keep the cloth dry

Will you be there?
When I'm gasping
The currents swelling
Around my throat
As I come to the length
That I can no longer ford
Knowing that air
Belongs to the world
And I to the river
That fills my ears
With my name
A single exasperous note

Will you be there?
As I hold my breath
And swim and push
My own mind
To believe that a river
Emanating from this temple
Can unsalt the sea
And reckon with a world unseen
A time untold
A heart unyielding
To settle for yellow suns
That are meant to glow red
And I am sunken
Among the echoes
That formed me

For this humble river
Has become
The mighty Jordan of old
The Pishon
The Gihon
The Euphrates
The Tigris
And the Nile
Fish filled
Rebirthing this earth
Long been dusty
With faded drumbeats
Of warring tribes
Refreshing vigor
This river
Now draws me
To the other side

Will you be there?
On the other side?
As I am brought forth
As a stranger
The ridiculous notion
Of a plunge
Dripping off my shoulders
Now standing and wringing my hair
Clearing the water from my lashes
Looking for a friend

-	R.R. Tavárez 

*Photo by pure julia.